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Omega Cycleworks

Not just a bike shop... It’s a way of life.

We find the best bike to suit your passion and we fit it perfectly through our PRO-FIT system.
We don’t stop there!

We don’t just want to sell you a bike and see you on your way. We want to see you develop and achieve the sporting goals you set for yourself. Whether it’s your first kilometre around the block, to completing a personal best in an Ironman.  We are here to support you.

We are a team built from many different areas of sport and engineering. Pro cycling, swimming, running,and multisport.

We also have a strong engineering trade background from design to manufacturing.
Our team prides its self on getting it right.

Our store has emerged from a successful line of bicycle outlets. This brings us experience from right across the road bike range of brands and a solid base of flat bar, city, hybrids, and mountain bikes.

Omega is a prime and well known frame building specialist from the UK.
Ian Ewart is the Australian founder of Omega Cycleworks who comes from a strong cycling pedigree. With a Family heritage in racing from  a contender in the world championships, European Championships, Australian Titles  and Ian being a racing cyclist in Europe for many years.

We know what works because we use it, we train on it and we race it.



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